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Spring fling I'm taking part

Every year since 2003 artists and craft makers across Dumfries & Galloway have opened their studios. Spring Fling weekend has become an institution, every year welcoming 100,000 visitors from near and far and offering them an opportunity to see first hand what it means to be a working artist. It has become Scotland’s premier art occasion.

This year is no different, except that instead of driving around the county, drinking tea and eating home made cakes while marveling at all the county and it’s artists have to offer, it is an online experience. No driving and you provide the tea and cakes whilst visiting studios on your computer.

For the first time I’m also taking part - joining 86 fellow artists and craft makers some of whom are friends and neighbours. On this website you can look at my films and recent studio work, as well as take a brief tour of my studio. You can buy work in the Spring Fling shop and if you have any questions you can contact me via my Guest Book.

I do hope you have an enjoyable visit and perhaps we’ll have the opportunity to meet in person at some time in the very unpredictable future.

Still image from film 'mist' (2020)
Still image from film 'mist' (2020)

For Spring Fling 2020 I had planned to exhibit at Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries, showing my films and demonstrating my film-making techniques. I film in the natural world and take my inspiration most often from walking in the environment where I live. The films are a homage not only to our beautiful 'more-than-human' world, but also to a gentler, more spiritual way of looking. Fortunately I have the means to show my work from here and in the film section Film I Spring Fling Online you will find introductory notes and links to the films I have selected for Spring Fling, including my most recent piece 'the history of my eyes'. Other film work can be found in the Film section.


Collage 'red star' 7" x 7" watercolour paper and embroidery
Collage 'red star' 7" x 7" watercolour paper and embroidery

Film-making is not my only artistic outlet. For many years I have also made studio-based work and throughout that period, collage has been a regularly-visited format. This period of lockdown has offered me the time to go back to my studio and create abstract sheets of watercolour ready to use in collage work. And, as well as creating the basic construction pieces, I have sewn them together using decorative stitchwork - oh, yes and to film them. Now I find myself generating new material for both my film work and wall-based images. Go to the page Collage I Spring Fling Online.