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Hello from my studio, deep in the garden at Meikle Richorn, here in south west Scotland . . .
It's 30 years since I graduated as an artist, at which time I wasn't aware of any such category as 'contemporary' fine art. My first degree in Creative Arts did, however, stand me in good stead. In the intervening years I have done lots more career development in the shape of courses and workshops, exhibitions, personal practice and getting on with life. My process is a tribute to never standing still and always answering the call of personal creativity which I believe lives inside every one of us.

Since completing my most recent foray into 'career development' - an MA in Contemporary Fine Art - in September 2019, I have moved into film-making and find myself absorbed by this medium. The work I make comes under the auspices of Artists' Moving Image which is a beautiful field of work best described as painting with film. My films are slow and detailed, allowing the viewer to see more than they would normally observe in the daily round of activity and I hope they encourage a slower more gentle approach to the usual pace of life. Working durationally (filming in real time) I have explored the space-time continuum through different approaches, the most recent 'the history of my eyes' an examination of my past through image, time and memory.

My films can be watched by visiting the Film section and choosing the links provided to


Over the weekend of 20th and 21st February 2021 I presented at 'Spirituality and the Supernatural' an international conference led by Progressive Connexions . My presentation is entitled Durational Film and Spiritual Reflection and takes the form of a 15 minute film. I made this choice when the physical conference due to happen in Lisbon in 2020 was rearranged to an online forum and decided that a powerpoint presentation would be both very boring and potentially rather hit-and-miss, given my very low bandwidth speeds.

You can watch to whole film here . . .

THE FERAL CHOIR sing MIDWINTER TURNING 2020, live streaming in December 2020

For quite a few years I sang in Galloway's Feral Choir. One of many highlights has been Midwinter Turning, our annual Christmas concert. Sadly this was our last. Ali Burns, our multi-talented musical director and composer, has left the area and she created an online Feral Choir concert to celebrate many years of singing joy. Working in collaboration, she and I are produced a filmed concert for live streaming in December. As ever it was be a mix of traditional and new songs, readings by Liz Kettle and Tom Pow, and some beautiful Midwinter visuals to charm the eye.

You can watch the concert here . . .
Length 00:35:36

4. THE SPIRIT OF THREAVE, Threave Gardens, Castle Douglas

The panels on the main drive
The panels on the main drive

For those of you local enough to visit this wonderful National Trust for Scotland property I have a permanent piece of work on show on the main drive. This series of large panels was commissioned by the Trust and highlights the special features of Threave. Full details in the Gallery section.


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