Hello from my studio, deep in the garden at Meikle Richorn, here in south west Scotland . . .
Over 30 years ago I graduated as an artist in Creative Arts. During those 30 years I have done lots of career development in the shape of courses and workshops, exhibitions, personal practice and getting on with life. My process is a tribute to never standing still and always answering the call of personal creativity, which I believe lives inside every one of us.


16 - 28 OCTOBER 2023
Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 10.30 - 5.00; Sun 12.00 - 5.00

I shall be exhibiting at the Autumn Exhibition at the Kirkcudbright Harbour Cottage Gallery.
There will be framed paintings, mounted paintings and greetings card all for sale.


In January 2022 I was commissioned to make a film of prose and poetry work made by the Women Who Write group in Galloway. The resulting film 'bottling it' was screened at the CatStrand, New Galloway n 17th September 2023, along with a Q&A discussion between myself and the writers and a short writing workshop. Everyone agreed it was a very enjoyable event. To watch the film click here

Still from 'bottling it'

still from 'bottling it'
photo by Sue Thomas

The film 'bottling it' incorporates the key strands of landscape, traditional female domestic activity – cooking/preserving/nourishing and feeding others; and the emerging sense of self, through relationships, place and time. Through poetry, prose and imagery it unstoppers, decants and spills out memory. It invites introspection and a sense that there is more to talk about, to explore and appreciate. It offers a feeling of reflection and connection to the wider female family members and to the lives of rural women everywhere. This is a celebration of women writers who challenge stereotypical views of women living in a rural landscape.

Still from 'bottling it'

Title page from 'bottling it'
photo by Sue Thomas