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Hello from my studio, deep in the garden at Meikle Richorn.

In September 2017 I began studying at the Institute of the Arts at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle. I am working towards an MA in Contemporary Fine Art, lasting for two years part-time and with luck and a strong wind behind me I'll get there by September 2019.

Studying for an MA is really interesting and challenging process. It's 25 years since I graduated as an artist, at which time I wasn't aware of any such category as 'contemporary' fine art or, indeed, artist; moving image. My first degree in Creative Arts did, however, stand me in good stead. In the intervening years I have done lots more career development in the shape of courses and workshops, exhibitions, personal practice and getting on with life. Now I have the opportunity to develop in areas hitherto undreamt of - film being the most exciting.

The Spirit of Threave, Threave Gardens, Castle Douglas
For those of you local enough to visit this wonderful National Trust for Scotland property I have a permanent piece of work on show on the main drive. This series of large panels was commissioned by the Trust and highlights the special features of Threave. I also have cards and prints of the panels on sale in the Threave shop. Full details in the Gallery section.