The Natural World

I film the natural world in durational time. Sometimes this looks as if nothing is happening, However, close observation can surprise the patient, encourage us to examine the world we take for granted and see it anew.
Earth, Air, Fire and Water

These films were created as an examination of the four elements which make up our physical environment.

Everything Must Change is a film which explores the natural world through the four elements - earth, air, fire and water. The images are filmed in durational time and in close-up allowing the viewer to examine them at leisure and slow their pace down to that of an observation somewhat akin to gentle meditation.

Three up is a film which explores the space-time continuum. Using three film sequences in split-screen format, the constantly altering combination of images invites the viewer to consider their own expectations. Using multi-layered images which have all been filmed in durational time, the film seeks to enhance observation and bring an appreciation of life as it occurs naturally.